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Marketing to the Habitual Mind: How to Become Your Customer's Habit

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Wednesday, 24 June
12:00PM - 01:00PM EST

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Emily Basca
3. Exhibits business and industry acumen

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The field of Behavioral Economics has made major inroads into pharmaceutical marketing. Virtually everyone in our industry has read Daniel Kahneman’s Thinking Fast And Thinking Slow, and many marketers are trying to use decision making shortcuts like biases and heuristics to their advantage in developing marketing tactics. There’s only one problem. As Kahneman himself admits, Behavioral Economics only applies to decision making, and has nothing to do with most behavior that is the result of habits, not decisions.

This presentation will provide participants with a new perspective on how important understanding and influencing customer habits is to marketing success. Marketing success, after all, is the result of changing customer behavior, not of changing attitudes.
Through a review of habit theory and two case studies, the presenters will discuss a Six Step Habit Formation Model that goes well beyond the more traditional Trigger/Behavior/Reward model. More specifically, they will show the importance of understanding such constructs as the Context in which the habitual behavior is conducted and the Behavior Belief through which Feedback is interpreted to marketing success. They will discuss how a successful launch of a new product involves first selling to the Executive Mind and then transitioning into developing a prominent place for the product in the Habitual Mind.

The presentation will conclude with two case studies which demonstrate how opportunities and challenges exist at every stage of the Habit Formation Cycle, and how product teams who don’t understand this fact can stumble in the marketplace.

Audrey Wu, Vice President, ThinkGen, 2019 HBA Rising Star
Richard B. Vanderveer, Ph.D. Chief Innovation Officer, ThinkGen

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Featured speakers

Richard Vanderveer
Chief Innovation Officer
Audrey Wu
Vice President
Learning Objectives
1. Why it is essential to fully understand the Habit Map of a treatment area you are about to enter. 2. The necessity of marketing to both the Executive Mind and the Habitual Mind, and how to do both. 3. When it is appropriate to use the Habit Marketing Model, and when to rely on Behavioral Economics.

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