HBA Mid-Atlantic Region presents

HBA Mid-Atlantic Four-Week Fitness Challenge

Date and time
Monday, 25 May
  starting at: 08:00AM EST
Monday, 22 June
  ending at: 05:00PM EST

Event Contact
Ruth Fields
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The HBA Mid-Atlantic Region along with the Fit2Lead Affinity group is launching a 4-week fitness challenge.

• What? Form a team, pick a captain, and ask your team members to track their steps. Participants should track steps Monday through Sunday each week and then send weekly totals to the captain. The team captain will collate the team totals and we will track the teams' progress centrally.
Use whatever technology you have on hand to track your activity; examples include the health app on your iPhone, or Fitbit or pedometer—whatever is easiest for you. All steps/activities count; all day, all night, weekends, etc. You can convert activity to steps using an activity converter, such as:

Benefits of the challenge include camaraderie, networking and the promotion of physical and mental health.

• Who can join? This activity is geared to current Mid-Atlantic HBA members. There is no charge to participate.
• How do you join? Form a team from your chapter or volunteer groups. Have team members register here. Name a team captain to collate your steps. Choose a team name.
• When? The Challenge begins on Monday, May 25th and ends Sunday, June 21st.
• Why form a team? It’s fun! And healthy! And it’s a way to build connections.

Important Information: Participation is voluntary. You should only participate if you are healthy enough; if unsure, check with your doctor. Please find the HBA fitness waiver below. And stay up to date on recommendations for social distancing. Here are some helpful sites for information.

HBA Fitness waiver:
The Healthcare Businesswomen’s Association (HBA) requires that all persons who participate in fitness events do so at their own risk and that each participant agrees to the following agreement prior to taking part in the activity and urges all participants to act in such a manner as to protect their own safety and the safety of others.

I fully understand that my participation in the program is purely voluntary. I desire to participate and agree to act in a reasonable and prudent manner under the circumstances. I further understand that any HBA volunteers participating in the activity will be acting in an individual capacity only and will not represent the HBA. As a condition to my participation in the activity, I waive and release the HBA and their officers, employees and agents from any claim that I may have for any damage to property or injury to my person that may result in whole or in part from my participation in the activity. Also, I agree to allow the HBA to use any photographs of me for marketing and advertisement purposes.

Additional Information 
Event runs 4 weeks starting May 25th and ending June 21st. Virtual event.

Registration information
Event is open to: HBA Members only
Online registration deadline: 24 May 2020

Registration information

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The HBA will make reasonable modifications to policies and programs to ensure that people with special needs have an equal opportunity to enjoy all of its programs. Contact us if you require special accommodations for this event.

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