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Change-Makers: Emerging Leaders Influencing Healthcare in Our Dynamic World (Webinar Series)

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Wednesday, 09 September
  starting at: 12:00PM EST
Friday, 16 October
  ending at: 01:00PM EST
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Emily Basca
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The HBA's Tomorrow's Executives affinity group, with the support of Bristol Myers Squibb (BMS), offers this four-part series to connect you with future and current leaders of top biopharmaceutical companies. These webinars will highlight the achievements of the next generation across the industry and underscore the importance of their contributions to their organization, and beyond. Join us as we explore: social intrapreneurship, diversity in clinical trials, COVID-19 responses, and how young professionals are impacting the future of work. All webinars are from 12:00-1:00 PM EST and with the support of BMS these webinars are free to all HBA members and all BMS employees.

• Change-Makers 1 - Social Intrapreneurship: Using Corporate for Good (9 Sep 2020)
• Change-Makers 2 - Clinical Trial Diversity: Concepts and Consequences (16 Sep 2020)
• Change-Makers 3 - Lessons Learned: Young Professionals and Their Companies on the Front
   Lines of COVID-19 (30 Sep 2020)

• Change-Makers 4 - How Young Professional Groups Are Changing the Future of Work (16 Oct 2020)

Change-Makers 1 - Social Intrapreneurship: Using Corporate for Good (9 Sep 2020)
Each year, Bristol Myers Squibb (BMS) selects a delegation to attend a global conference for emerging leaders, called One Young World. This conference identifies, promotes and connects the world’s most influential young change-makers to create a better world, with more responsible, sustainable and effective leadership. Hear from BMS One Young World ambassadors on how they are turning global lessons into action within their healthcare company.

Speakers from Bristol Myers Squibb include: John Loveseth, senior clinical trial monitor; James Gunselman, sustainability manager; Adriana Zupa-Fernandez, global lead, CLIMB People & Business Resource Group; Austin Thekkumethala, associate research scientist 1; Mayank Anand, global data management service delivery; and moderator Phillip Lynch, research scientist.

Change-Makers 2 - Clinical Trial Diversity: Concepts and Consequences (16 Sep 2020)
The development of new medicines is a lengthy and complex process that has the potential to improve the lives of people across generations, genders, races, and ethnicities. It is important that the demographic mix of patient volunteers mirror that of the United States population. In this webinar, we discuss the issue of diversity within the context of clinical trials and drug development. Hear from leaders in their field and young professionals about initiatives to increase diversity in clinical research. Speakers include: Lorena Kuri, head, diversity strategy, Bristol Myers Squibb; Anya Harry, global lead, clinical trial diversity, GlaxoSmithKline; Shelina Ramnarine, PhD, senior manager, Janssen Business Development Diagnostics and Emerging Technologies; Melissa Gonzales, PhD, inclusion principal external partnering, chief diversity office, Genentech; Cassandra Smith, director, Janssen Diversity & Inclusion in Clinical Trials, Johnson & Johnson and moderator, Monique Phillips, clinical trial recruitment specialist, Bristol Myers Squibb.

Change-Makers 3 - Lessons Learned: Young Professionals and Their Companies on the Front Lines of COVID-19 (30 Sep 2020)
Over the past few months we have experienced a once in a generation event causing global disruption. We have witnessed organizations and communities around the world come together to rapidly respond to COVID-19. From the start, the healthcare industry has stood at the front lines of this global response. Hear how top organizations enabled an agile and powerful response to the pandemic, and how young professionals played a critical role in maintaining business continuity amidst uncertainty. Speakers from Bristol Myers Squibb’s Strategic Sourcing & Procurement organization include: Monica Raut, director, customer engagement; Connie Walters, vice president, third party value capture; and moderator: Julia Helms, category manager, Creative Production, Strategic Sourcing & Procurement. Additional speakers from LabCorp/Covance include: Joanna Lim, executive director, project management, AsiaPac; Marcia Eisenberg, PhD, chief scientific officer, LabCorpDiagnostics; and Keyton Ivery, research associate.

Change-Makers 4 - How Young Professional Groups Are Changing the Future of Work (16 Oct 2020)
As new generations enter the workforce, companies are faced with learning how to best attract, engage, and retain this new pool of talented employees. However, there is a crucial step missing from the traditional paradigm: leveraging them. Join this webinar to learn how top healthcare companies are leveraging young professional employee resource groups to achieve competitive advantage. Hear about the organizational changes and initiatives brought to the table by young professionals that are meeting high level business objectives and changing the way we work. Speakers from Bristol Myers Squibb include: Adriana Zupa-Fernandez, global lead, CLIMB PBRG (People & Business Resource Group); Nadim Ahmed, executive vice president and president of hematology; and moderator: Phillip Lynch, research scientist. Additional speakers from LabCorp/Covance include: Jill McConnell, chief financial officer, Covance drug development; and Krista Fieselmann, manager, global investigator grant payments and forecasting.

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Featured speakers

Nadim Ahmed
Executive Vice President and President of Hemotology
Bristol Myers Squibb
Mayank Anand
Global Data Management Service Delivery
Bristol Myers Squibb
Marcia Eisenberg, PhD
Chief Scientific Officer, LabCorp Diagnostics
Krista Fieselmann
Manager, Global Investigator Grant Payments and Forecasting
Melissa Gonzales
External Partnering, Chief Diversity Officer
Genentech, Inc.
James Gunselman
Sustainability Manager
Bristol Myers Squibb
Anya Harry
Global Lead, Clinical Trial Diversity
Julia Helms
Category Manager, Creative Production, Strategic Sourcing and Procurement
Bristol Myers Squibb
Keyton Ivery
Research Associate, LabCorp Diagnostics
Lorena Kuri
Head, Diversity Strategy
Bristol Myers Squibb
Joanna Lim
Executive Director, Project Management, AsiaPac
John Loveseth
Senior Clinical Trial Monitor
Bristol Myers Squibb
Phillip Lynch
Research Scientist
Bristol Myers Squibb
Jill McConnell
Chief Financial Officer, Covance Drug Development
Monique Phillips
Clinical Trial Recruitment Specialist
Bristol Myers Squibb
Shelina Ramnarine
Senior Manager, Janssen Business Development Diagnostics and Emerging Technologies
Johnson & Johnson
Monica Raut
Director, Customer Engagement, Strategic Sourcing and Procurement
Bristol Myers Squibb
Cassandra Smith
Director, Janssen Diversity & Inclusion in Clinical Trials
Janssen, Johnson & Johnson Company
Austin Thekkumthala
Associate Research Scientist l
Bristol Myers Squibb
Connie Walters
Vice President, Third Party Value Capture, Strategic Sourcing and Procurement
Bristol Myers Squibb
Adriana Zupa-Fernandez
Global Lead, CLIMB PBRG (People and Business Research Group)
Bristol Myers Squibb
Learning Objectives
Emerging leaders will identify unconscious bias and be equipped to address it
Recognize the essential competencies of individual contributors and poise themselves for growth
Increase readiness for growth opportunities and raise their hand to be considered

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