2021 Career Conversations - Series Purchase (4 Webinars)

Thursday, March 25, 2021 - Thursday, December 02, 2021   Add to Calendar Eastern Standard Time

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2021 Career Conversations - Series Purchase (4 Webinars)

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Thursday, 25 March
  starting at: 12:00PM EST
Thursday, 02 December
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Emily Basca
12. Continues to learn, grow and transform

Get ready to join the conversation. Register below to receive all four 2021 Career Conversations webinars. These webinars will take place as follows:

Career Conversation 30 - Good Guys: How Men can be Better Allies for Women in the Workplace - (25 March 2021)
Career Conversation 31 - Activate Your Voice - (24 June 2021)
Career Conversation 32 - Advocates in Action - (9 September 2021)
Career Conversation 33 - Achieve Success! - (2 December 2021)

Each session will provide timely, relevant content from a subject matter expert, real world experience and perspective from an industry leader and an engaging Q&A with participants.

All webinars will take place from 12:00 - 1:15 PM ET; please convert into your own time zone.

Career Conversation 30 - Good Guys: How Men can be Better Allies for Women in the Workplace
Helping to forge a gender equitable world will require support from everyone in the workplace. Gender -in-the-workplace experts David G. Smith and W. Brad Johnson say, “While organizations are looking to address the issues women face, too many gender-inclusion initiatives focus on how women themselves should respond, reinforcing the perception that these are “women’s issues” and that men-often the most influential stakeholders in an organization-don’t need to be involved.”

Women, and women of color in particular, are at a persistent disadvantage in the workplace. Women deal with unequal pay, sexual harassment, lack of credit for their contributions, and more. These inequities are even more egregious for Black women and other women of color. And while many organizations say they are working to address gender equity, too many gender initiatives focus on how women should act and respond, largely leaving men out of the equation. This is a mistake.

In this session of Career Conversations, panelists David G. Smith, PhD, and W. Brad Johnson co-authors of the just released book, Good Guys: How Men Can Be Better Allies for Women in the Workplace will share current research evidence bearing on how men must engage to promote greater gender equity at work. The #MeToo and Black Lives Matter movements, as well as the systemic inequalities laid bare by the Covid-19 pandemic, have forced people in positions of power—mostly white men who dominate leadership roles across many public and private institutions, spanning the healthcare industry—to realize that they must step up if there is any hope of using this moment to make organizations more diverse, equitable and inclusive. As Robin Toft, CEO and Founder of the Toft Group and author of WE CAN, The Executive Woman’s Guide to Career Advancement notes, diversity at the top is a competitive advantage. The panelists will offer tangible and actionable recommendations to organizational leaders on engaging men and building a self-sustaining culture of male allyship. Pam Gleason, VP, Community of We Can Rise™, Inc notes that men are not the enemy and understanding communication styles and the value of networking play a key role in supporting diverse workplaces. David and Brad will share best practices from their latest Harvard Business Review book, Good Guys, which shows how men can partner with colleagues to advance women’s leadership by breaking gender stereotypes, overcoming unconscious biases, developing talented women, and women of color, around them, and creating more equitable and productive work environments. Robin and Pam will share how women can align themselves with the goals of their organizations, ask for male allies to step up, and network with men to become sponsors and mentors.

Career Conversation 31 - Activate Your Voice
You have a vision of where you want to be and how you want your career to progress. We’ll focus on how you can activate your authentic voice to propel yourself and your career. We’ll hear from Sepideh Varon, vice president, Health Economics & Outcomes Research at AbbVie, she says, “Communication is the heart and soul of how we get our work done. As a researcher, many times our research is very complicated, but part of leadership and strong research is to be able to communicate the information simply to non-researchers.” She’ll discuss how understanding others preferences & perspective will enhance the work companies and the output they deliver. As she says, “Everyone has difference preferences in terms of “ways of working” or “communication” – therefore seek to inquire rather than assume.”

Bridgette Arthur-Mensah, vice president Engineering Operations at Medidata Solutions, has learned and continues to practice how to communicate effectively as a leader, she says, “As one assumes more responsibilities, the ability to influence, rally the troops and manage difficult conversations often depend on the delivery of a message. The delivery of the why, the what and the how. I have learned to practice slowing my speech; pacing my thoughts with my speech.”

Primal Kaur, Md. MBA is currently vice president, Global Development, Amgen and Therapeutic Area head of Inflammation portfolio. She will focus on how to create your executive presence and use your voice to be your own champion.

We’ll talk about using your voice to tell your own story, otherwise someone else will and you might not like how it is told. Your story is your brand. You’ll be encouraged to speak about what you do day to day, quarterly and annually to impact the business and be ready to show how your brand adds value.

As business has become significantly globalized, it is important to understand cultural differences and how actions may or may not be perceived as intended as you create and expand your network. You’ll walk away from the call with tools, frameworks that will allow you to better adapt & enhance your way of working for the benefit of your team, your colleagues and the company for which you work.

Panelists: Bridgette Arthur-Mensah, vice president Engineering Operations at Medidata Solutions New York City Metropolitan Area
Primal Kaur, Md. MBA is currently vice president, Global Development, Amgen and Therapeutic Area head of Inflammation portfolio
Sepideh Varon, vice president, Health Economics & Outcomes Research at AbbVie,
Moderator: Emily Basca, president, PEMC INC, HBA webinar consultant

Career Conversation 32 - Advocates in Action
The HBA knows that through mentoring women grow in their careers and that mentors play an important role in professional development and the advancement of performance excellence. For our success at higher levels, women also need sponsors -- people who routinely advocate for them and are united with purpose to open doors. With sponsors advocating for women, more women will get to be “in the room where it happens’ and realize greater support to achieve with a comfortable confidence. In this webinar, we will focus on how to execute effectively as a sponsor, breakthrough to achieve a variable workforce and design a culture of advocacy where courage and a commitment to inclusion, equity and diversity thrive.

David Komlos, CEO of Syntegrity will talk about the concept known as “The Law of Requisite Variety” and its connection to committed sponsorship that values the business impact that multicultural workforces deliver. When we are faced with a multidimensional challenge, the solvers must be as multidimensional as this challenge. This is yet another powerful imperative that makes diversity, allyship and advocacy essential. A commitment to requisite variety means that to be effective, you need to tap into a much broader and wider variety of people - people who have the combined knowledge, experience and expertise to match the complexities found in business and in life. Short-changing requisite variety is seen in groups, teams and leadership where the under-represented are not recruited or retained. David will help us understand the value of focused diversity and reflect on the business risks that emerge from the lack of inclusive mindset and a passionate commitment to workforce equity.

Alistair Lindsay, MD, MBA, PhD, Early Development Lead at GSK and he is committed to active advocacy which is an on-going goal for GSK. He knows there are many more men who want to do more to advocate for women, but they may not know how to begin. He will talk about his approach and his involvement in the HeforShe initiative as a subgroup of the GSK Women’s Leadership Initiative and leave us with tangible examples of how courage, care and commitment can come together to tap into the potential that women in the workforce bring with them to work each and every day.

La Toya McClellan, MA, PHR, Associate Director, Engagement, Diversity and Inclusion, ASTELLAS US LLC will discuss how policies and processes can be designed and implemented to have a positive impact on women. With her help, we will explore how to approach this effort from an organizational level where being intentional is critical. She will illustrate what leaders, managers and individuals can and should do to keep inclusion, equity and diversity at the forefront of all that businesses do.

La Toya is a passionate HR leader with multiple years of experience in the areas of diversity & inclusion, learning/organizational development, HR business partnership and talent acquisition. In these endeavors, she has been dedicated to providing the space for individuals to be seen, heard and understood by empowering each to be a part of teams with clarified goals and ambitions. She is adept at leading organizations toward inclusive excellence, equity and belonging.

Susan Childs is Founder & Principal Managing Partner, LCA Enterprises and Consulting – Learn | Create | Achieve and will moderate the panel. Her practice works in an impactful way within the Inclusion, Diversity, Equity arena by coaching and advising leaders, companies, teams and communities to install a culture of inclusion and embrace the business case for diversity. She approaches this as a human rights issue; not a political one. She partners to develop systemic approaches to combat bias, build immersed human resources and business processes, deliver customized sensitivity encounters for leaders and C-Suite executives and develop transformative methods that empower us all to be the change that we seek.

She has been an active member and volunteer leader with HBA since 2014 and she has served as director of regional mentoring, guest programmer for the HBA Gender Parity Collaborative and planner / speaker for the HBA Building Better Business Connections Executive event. She has built the widely regarded programming series of HBA sessions to challenge us all to have a commitment to solidarity against racial injustice that compels us to become comfortable with being uncomfortable. She has achieved many accolades in her career and most recently was honored for her volunteer leadership excellence by being named as the recipient of the HBA Lead Award 2020.

Career Conversation 33 - Achieve Success!
The HBA will look at just how far we’ve come and celebrate the accomplishments of women. We’ll hear from high-achievers what the key ingredients were that led to their success and how you can apply the recipe for yourself. Carly Baron, vice president and general manager at Amgen, remembers the day she saw a junior employee with a more ambitious career goal than hers, and how changing her goal reframed how her company thought of her. She says, “Don’t sell yourself short. The higher up you aim, the more pathways to success you create.”

Aiming higher is a theme you’ll hear from Tia Bush, senior vice president of Quality at Amgen, “I see women who don’t ‘open their aperture enough’ and don’t present themselves as ready for next level roles.”

Many women in HBA started their careers in research and we’re excited to have Jackie Kunzler, corporate quality officer, Baxter and Board Director at NAMSA and Baxter International Foundation to tell us how she went from the bench to a highly successful career in International Marketing.

Stacey Yount, Sr VP, Head of Strategy and Planning at Labcorp will share personal experiences of the unexpected turns careers can take and how the nonlinear path to success has been a rewarding one. Stacey says, “Even distressing career changes such as downsizing can be used to find new opportunities.” She’ll let you know her tips for preparing for the unexpected now and actions you can take in the midst of an unplanned career change.

Jackie Kunzler, corporate quality officer, Baxter and Board Director at NAMSA and Baxter International Foundation
Tia Bush, senior vice president quality, Amgen
Carly Baron, vice president and general manager, Amgen
Stacey Yount , Sr VP, Head of Strategy and Planning at Labcorp

Moderator: Telesia Davis, M.Ed, PhD, senior director, Education HBA

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