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Confidence to Lead The Inclusion Conversation: Strategies to Benefit Your Career and The Business

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Thursday, 19 November
05:30PM - 07:30PM GMT

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Gaelle Leroy
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Many organisations embark on ‘diversity’ programmes without truly understanding inclusion, only to achieve limited results. Diversity in the absence of inclusion rarely adds value. Accepting that for a lot of people there is lack of comfort with just being around those who are different. Whilst it's okay in your personal life to be with whoever you want to be with, in your professional life, different people help us have better ideas, make better decisions leading to more successful organizations.

So for a business, particularly a small business that may agree with the principle, but perceive there are more urgent priorities to deal with, the downside of not being diverse and inclusive is that it can become a source of systemic risk and reduced resilience. Examples of where this has played out include: Lehman Brothers and Nokia. The lack of difference can mean there are limited options when crises hit, and reduced productivity. This is especially true when keeping up with the competition, gathering new insights, new customers, and new ways of working.

With the recent events highlighting race relations, the fact that organisations are exploring how their diversity and inclusion programmes can be more effective presents an opportunity.

Focussing on creating a culture that diverse people want to be part of must be key to any programme.
Ways to achieve this fall into two categories:
1. Engaging leadership - getting people who don't think they're diverse to realize it's about them and their behaviours. For e.g. how you line manage people, how you run a meeting, how you sponsor or mentor people these are things that really matter
2. Adjusting the systems and processes in an organization – how recruitment is conducted, how the organisation is marketed, how goods and services are procured. These processes and systems are full of bias and these must be identified and de-biased to have a more meritocratic effect

Stephen Frost from Frost included, who's advised the White House, the UK government, KPMG, Barclays and also headed diversity for the London Olympics and Paralympics, will provide insights to support us to have the right conversation and how as leaders we can be more inclusive on a daily basis in conversations with managers, our peers or our teams.

Stephen will guide us through key concepts of D&I, and allyship, and provide simple strategies we can adopt to lead inclusively to benefit our business and our career. Gain insights on how you can lead the conversation and build strategies that would benefit your career and the organisation.

17:30 - 17:35 Introduction 
17:35 - 18:15 The Power of Articulating the Business Case for Inclusion
18:15 - 18:45 Breakout to Explore limiting beliefs that stop the conversations that matter
18:45 - 19:30 Feedback, Q&A and close

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Featured speakers

Stephen Frost
CEO and Founder
Frost Included
Learning Objectives
1. Be able to identify barriers and opportunities at all level of responsibility to build a more diverse work environment 2. Understand the risk to the business of little diversity 3. Have next steps for initiating inclusive conversations

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