Regional Council

Lorraine Gaglioti
Novartis Business Services HR Business Partner
Novartis Pharmaceuticals Corporation
Deputy chair
Brooke Czapkowski

Pfizer Inc.
President, Regional Corporate Relations Council
Lisa Pilla
VP Sales Force
President, Regional Programming Council
Mary Sylvester
Vice President, Services Strategy, Life Science & Pharmaceuticals
President, Regional Marketing and Communication Council
Tatyana Fedotova
Clinical research scientist
NYP/Columbia Medical Center

Regional Directors

Jessica Buday
Associate Director, Process & Operational Excellence
Ferring Pharmaceuticals
Regional Director, Business Development
Kathleen O'Brien
Director business development
AMPLEXOR Life Sciences
Regional Director, Communications
Prachi Parmar
Director, Medical Information
Pfizer Inc.
Regional Director, Engagement Excellence
Christa Manning
VP, Strategic Services
Komodo Health
Regional Director, Fit To Lead
Jessica Yankus
VP, Management Director
Area 23
Regional Director, iLead Affinity Group
Victoria Guida
Senior Vice President, Global Sales
Regional Director, Marketing
Susan Barrett

Regional Director, Mentoring
Ellen Fields
CEO Ellen Fields Coaching + Consulting
Regional Director, Procurement and Processing
Lauren Lee
Pfizer Inc.
Regional Director, Social Media and PR
Sarah Han
Site Manager
Novartis Pharmaceuticals Corporation
Regional Director, Tomorrow's Executive Affinity Group
Jennifer Leveque
Senior Clinical Research Associate
Regional Director, Women in Science Affinity Group
Deshanie Rai
Expert Scientific, Regulatory and Medical Affairs Consultant
Regional Director, Women in Transition Affinity Group
Candice Hughes
CEO, Founder
Hughes BioPharma Advisers LLC