Regional Council

Kristy Aro

Regional chair Kristy Aro Director, Quality & Training Development In Transition

Annie Curti

Regional deputy chair Annie Curti Director, Patient Advocacy and Launch Excellence Novartis Corporation

Jessica Baron

Regional treasurer Jessica Baron Jazz Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

Gina Mastrosimone

President, Corporate Relations Gina Mastrosimone Vice President Vaxart Inc.

Danielle Baranova

President, Education and Events Danielle Baranova Principal Scientist Pfizer Inc.

Julia Helms

President, Marketing and Communications Julia Helms Assoc. Director, Omnichannel Strategy, WW Commercialization Excellence Bristol Myers Squibb

Christa Manning

President, Member Experience Christa Manning VP, Strategic Partnerships, Komodo Health

Mary Sylvester

President, Member Value Offerings Mary Sylvester Vice President, Services Strategy, Life Science & Pharmaceuticals IBM

Neetu Sangari

President, Member Value Offerings Neetu Sangari Director, Statistical Data Science & Analytics (Standards & Submissions)) Pfizer Inc.

Mitra Corral

President, Volunteer Experience Mitra Corral Health Economist

Vildan Kortan

Vice President, Corporate Relations Vildan Kortan Senior Director, External Analytical Strategy Bristol Myers Squibb

Rupsa Basu

Vice President, Education and Events Rupsa Basu Lead Scientist Humane Genomics Inc

Regional Directors

Kathy Parreno

Regional Director, Communications Kathy Parreno Senior Manager, Marketing Operations, US Hematology Strat & Ops Bristol Myers Squibb

Rebecca Steen

Regional director, education Rebecca Steen Client Partner Atlas

Khushbu Nathani

Regional Director, Marketing Khushbu Nathani Sr Manager Global Biospecimen Lead Bristol Myers Squibb

Amy Scialdone

Regional Director, Mentoring Amy Scialdone Founder, Leadership Development Coach/Facilitator/Thought Partner The Empowerment Key

Yaa Ababio

Regional Director, Social Media and PR Yaa Ababio Pfizer Inc.