On Demand - Career Conversation 12: Raising Your Leadership Voice

On Demand - Career Conversation 12: Raising Your Leadership Voice

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Published: 08/02/2016

Every female leader needs to have an authentic, strong leadership voice to ensure success in any conversation. In this session, you will take away actionable tips, tools and examples on how to develop, build and embrace your own vision and voice that will be the ignition to catapult your career.

Leadership comes in many forms and with a variety of voices. But to succeed, female business leaders must figure out how they want to communicate their vision and leadership approach. Finding and raising your leadership voice is just the beginning. Once you have effectively created your authentic voice, you will be able to use that style of communication, that way of communicating and engaging in difficult business relationships and situations to be a powerful influence, drive change and have positive impact.

In this engaging session, you will learn:
• how to find your true leadership voice and why you need to raise it
• how you integrate your voice into your current professional life
• what questions you need to ask yourself to determine your authentic voice
• what are the observations you need to make
• why does it matter?