On Demand - Career Conversations 38


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Published: 3/16/2023

Original air date: 16 March 2023

Career Conversation 38: Dismantling limiting mindsets and narratives to make way for new possibilities

Perhaps the single most important lesson that emerged from the last few years is that the way to move beyond what seem to be impossible circumstances is to challenge assumptions, think outside the box, and experiment with new approaches to problem-solving. To do this requires a growth mindset from the outset and a belief that there is a way to achieve the goals of gender and health equity in spite of the obstacles along the path. This conversation with champions in the healthcare industry will offer insights on how these leaders focused inward to muster the courage to lead important initiatives at their companies by building supportive networks, not allowing others to make them doubt their abilities or significance of their causes, not accepting validation for limiting behaviors, and reframing the "no's" and failures they encountered as "not yet."