On Demand - Career Check - Finding Your Fit, Forging Your Path

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Published: 10/23/2017 12:00:00 AM

Many of us spend years nurturing our careers while trying to balance family or other passions in our lives. We sacrifice and do whatever it takes to push forward in our careers, feeling that this path is the one we are meant to be on. However, when forced to reevaluate our lives, by a layoff, sudden change in our world or that nagging voice inside our heads, we reconsider and start to build our own roadmap. While some women do this after years of leading teams and rising to the top, others change course after only a few years in the industry.

Why is this happening around the globe? What has changed in the job market, and how can we take hold to define our career path on our own terms? Would you like a roadmap to help you move forward on your new path? Join us to map your path forward.

Lisa Adams is an experienced career coach. She founded Fresh Air Careers after leaving corporate life in 2009. She began developing leaders to help professionals succeed in strengthening their “boss” skills and discovering their “best fit” career. She helps executives uncover where and why they are stuck, how to strengthen their skills to grow themselves, their careers and their teams. She hates hearing stories of professionals stuck in unhealthy cultures and bad fits. It just does not need to be that way. With 20 years of senior management, sales, business development and human resources experience, she is passionate about encouraging and empowering her clients to take charge of their careers and finding a fit that drives them to succeed.

Lisa will uncover how to assist you in mapping your career path to decide whether or not you want the traditional role. She will arm you with a way to take charge of your future.