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Verbal Aikido - The Art of Transforming Verbal Attacks and Conflict to Reach a Balanced Outcome

Thu, May 28, 2015   6:30 PM - 10:00 PM

Pfizer, Paris, France

Treat yourself to a unique opportunity to discover Verbal Aikido with Luke Archer, who developed this innovative communication style to manage verbal attacks, develop self-control and assertiveness.

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Verbal Aikido - The Art of Transforming Verbal Attacks and Conflict to Reach a Balanced Outcome

Event details
Welcome to our first event in Paris for 2015, on the theme of self-development. Following, the huge success our speaker, Luke Archer had in Lyon, we are offering our members in Paris an opportunity to learn new inter-personal skills.

Verbal Aikido is an innovative communication style based on the martial aikido philosophy: treat the attacker as a partner rather than an adversary. During this program, you will have the opportunity to polish your communication skills. Luke Archer will speak about the link between martial and verbal aikido and also introduce you to his three step approach:
1. Receiving the attack with an ‘inner smile’
2. Accompanying the attack to a point of destabilization.
3. Rebalancing the attack so that the attacker may save face

In the second part of the event, you will have the opportunity to put in practice verbal aikido with Luke in order to be able to use this technique, if you ever face a verbal attack or insult.

As usual, we will end the session with a nice and informal networking cocktail. Presentations will be held in English.

Learning objectives
1. Define how to have self-control when you receive an attack or an insult
2. Develop an assertive style of communication
3. Reach a positive emotional result in the communication

6.30 PM - 7.00 PM     Welcome and registration
7.00 PM - 7.15 PM     Welcome and presentation from sponsor
7.15 PM - 7.30 PM     Presentation from HBA and introduction of speaker
7.30 PM - 8.15 PM     Luke Archer: Verbal Aikido
8.15 PM - 8.45 PM     Practice of Verbal Aikido and Q&A
8.45 PM - 9.30 PM     Cocktail and networking

Event location
23 25 avenue du Dr Lannelongue 75014 Paris

Luke Archer
Teacher, trainer and public speaker on communication, conflict management, and pedagogy, Betterfly

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Event is open to: HBA members and nonmembers
Online registration deadline: May 26, 2015
Onsite (walk-in) registration: Is allowed

Is capacity limited? No

Is this event refundable? No

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