Regional chair
Kathrin Schoenborn-Sobolewski, Vice president, head of integrated planning, analytics and partnering
Merck KGaA, Darmstadt Germany

Regional deputy chair
Sabine Hutchison, CEO
Seuss Consulting

Regional treasurer
Romina Oxborough, Vice-President of Europe

President, Regional Corporate Relations Council
Tina Falckenthal, COO

President Regional Engagement Council
Eva McLellan
Genentech, Inc.

President, Regional Marketing and Communication Council
Ingrid Marchal-Gerez, Cell Therapy Customer Journey Manager
Johnson & Johnson

President, Regional Programming Council
Dagmar Albers, Diversity & Inclusion Lead UK
Pfizer Inc.

Regional Directors

Regional Director, Accounting and Analytics
Daniela Fazzotta, Director Accounting & Analytics European Region

Regional Director, Communications
Michal Kupper, Biochemist

Regional Director, Corporate Engagement
Marguerite Terruso
Pfizer Inc.

Regional Director, Entrepreneurship Affinity Group
Gayle Hughes
Pfizer Inc.

Regional Director, Market Research
Neil Harnedy, HBA Europe Market Research Director
Pfizer Inc.

Regional Director, Marketing Excellence
Birgit Pechstein, Director, Global R&D Project Leader
Merck KGaA, Darmstadt Germany

Regional Director, Mentoring
Victoria Taylor, Biotech Investor
The Foundation Institute for 21st Century Medicine

Regional Director, Operational Excellence
Xenia von Maltzan, Principal Consultant

Regional Director, Procurement and Processing
Carlos Octavio Hernandez Bustamante, IO PGS Manager
Pfizer Inc.

Regional Director, Regional Marketing
Jennifer Splitt
Merck KGaA, Darmstadt Germany

Regional Director, Social Media and PR
Menorca Chaturvedi
University of Basel