22 October 2020
5:00 PM - 6:30 PM PST
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Dare to Lead: Do What's Uncomfortable and Discover What's Possible

How do you become a braver leader? Is there space in today’s workplaces for more humanity and love? Can you grow trust and the ability to have courageous conversations? These are questions Susan Mann will passionately address in her interactive presentation encouraging you to lead with head and heart engaged.

With thirty years of executive experience, Susan draws on her life stories, wisdom, and the evidence-based work of Dr. Brené Brown to help leaders boost their self-awareness, lean into vulnerability, and gain practical skills you can use for yourself and your team.

You’ll learn about:
1. Vulnerability as the foundation of courage, and how to lean into that discomfort and uncertainty.
2. How tapping into your core values helps you live and lead with integrity and authenticity.
3. How to trust yourself more and connect with others using the seven elements of BRAVING trust.
4. Developing grounded confidence and curiosity to have more open and constructive conversations.
Susan shares these actionable tools to challenge everything you think about what it takes to be a courageous leader and create a brave culture at work.

Please note, this is a LIVE program and NO RECORDINGS will be made available. Breakout rooms will be utilized to practice tools and techniques to engage your head and heart, lead bravely, and accomplish great results.

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