16 February 2022
6:00 PM - 7:30 PM CET
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Potenti’Elle en Science - an HBA celebration of International Day of Women & Girls in Science

During this event, HBA members and non-members will be able to sign up to this event and “bring along” (virtually) a young person to meet inspiring women working in science. These youngsters will gain insight into what it’s really like having a career in science, they will be able to unravel their curiosity by questioning a diverse set of speakers, and even establish connections with the potential for a future shadow experience or informational interview. By presenting a number of role models, these youngsters will see themselves represented in the science industry and learn from their journeys. What’s more, the event will be held in French (local language) to promote social mobility and improve outreach. As part of the event, attendees will also learn how HBA promotes equality for women in science and healthcare. Attendees will also benefit with networking opportunities with women working in science.

En français
Nous vous invitons à rejoindre cet événement pour célébrer la Journée Internationale des Femmes et les Filles en Sciences. Pendant cet événement virtuel, chaque participant/e peut amener un/e jeune accompagnant/e pour rencontrer des femmes passionnantes qui travaillent dans des métiers scientifiques.

Les participants apprendront comment se crée une carrière en sciences. Ils pourront aiguiser leur curiosité en posant des questions aux diverses oratrices et auront même l'occasion d'établir des relations pour d'éventuelles rencontres.

Le but de cet événement est de mettre en avant la représentation et la visibilité des femmes dans les domaines scientifiques et réduire les obstacles que les femmes peuvent rencontrer dans l'industrie des sciences. Nous voulons montrer aux jeunes (et moins jeunes) qu'une carrière en sciences est très dynamique et diversifiée. De plus, l'événement sera en français pour promouvoir les métiers dans les sciences et atteindre la population locale.

6:00-6:15 Opening/Learn about HBA
6:15-6:45 Celebration of Women & Girls in Science
6:45-7:15 Meet a scientist
7:15-7:30 Panel discussion and closing

Registration information
Event is open to: HBA Members and Nonmembers

Event will be held in French.

For more information on the HBA Women in Science Affinity Group, visit the HBA webpage and join this community to connect with other women with a passion for science and healthcare.

Learning Objectives

• (for youngsters) Project themselves in a STEM career of the future & establish connection/network with a women working in science
• (for attending adults) Network and drive the growth of young women
• (for speakers) Share their success and act as a role models for scientists of the future

Featured Speakers

Marilyne Labasque
Scientific PM,
Raphaelle Luisier
Idiap Research Institute
Imane Moest
Chief of Staff and Head of Business Office, Roche Genentech
Renata Nogueira
Antenna Foundation
Margareta Nordin
Professor, New York University
Emilie Pralong
Radar RP Sàrl
Head of Innovation & Scientific Communication, Seqens Cosmetics
Edith Schnapper
STEM promotion Manager,
Ksenia Tugay
Innovation Expert, Groupe Mutuel
Martine Zimmermann
SVP, Global Head of Regulatory Affairs and Quality, AstraZeneca

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