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Career Conversation 26 - Hindsight is 2020: Decision Making, Risk Taking and Resilience

Date and time
Tuesday, 12 May
12:00PM - 01:15PM EST

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Emily Basca
6. Makes decisions and takes risks

Join us for Career Conversation 26 - Hindsight is 2020: Decision Making, Risk Taking and Resilience on 12 May, where speakers will discuss:

A conversation with three senior leaders who will share their stories and provide you the benefit of their hindsight. Whether you’re starting out in the life science industry or have worked in it for many years-join us for this webinar. We’ll talk about
• Calculating risk and possible rewards in your personal and professional life
• Making decisions based on the current environment including the impact of COVID-19
• Decisiveness is a muscle that must be exercised
• Demonstrating resilience in the face of failure, negative outcomes or disruption
• Why the best-laid plans are dynamic and allow for evolving to growth and change
• How to adapt to “plan b”

Christian, Kari (2019 Rising Star) and Soo (2020 Luminary) will share their experiences in their life and career, they’ll discuss how they have evaluated situations, made decisions and relied on resilience in their careers and their lives.

Save by registering for the entire 2020 series:

• Tuesday, 12 May - Career Conversation 26 - Hindsight is 2020: Decision Making, Risk Taking and Resilience
• Tuesday, 14 July - Career Conversation 27 - The Power of Visualization
• Tuesday, 8 September - Career Conversation 28 - From Vision to Success (for Self and Business)
• Tuesday, 13 October - Career Conversations 29 - Giving Voice to Your Vision

Each session will provide timely, relevant content from a subject matter expert, real world experience and perspective from an industry leader and an engaging Q&A with participants.

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12:00-12:05 Introduction
12:05-12:50 Speaker Presentation and Panel Discussion
12:50-1:15 Question and Answer

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Online registration deadline: 12 May 2020

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Featured speakers

Emily Basca
Kari Delahunty
SVP, Corporate Strategy
Syneos Health
Christian Nguyen
Product Team Leader, Verzenio
Eli Lilly and Company
Soo Son
Head, Global R&D Business Transformation Office
Learning Objectives
• composes goals that will motivate and inspire action
• acquires the awareness of the importance of risk-taking early and often in one’s career
• confirms why the best-laid plans are dynamic, evolving as you go and grow
• embraces failure, and how to learn and grow from the experience

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