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8 week Group Program: Be In Yours: A Brave Space

Date and time
Wednesday, 24 March
  starting at: 05:00PM PST
Wednesday, 19 May
  ending at: 06:30PM PST

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Vicki Shumulinsky
9. Networks and ethically self-promotes

We reside in different spaces throughout any single day - spaces of home, work, play, and community. These spaces are often fulfilling, yet somehow we still feel overwhelmed or overextended. These are spaces where we have to be on all the time, where you are managing to everyone’s expectations of you, or simply spaces that lack vibrancy that excites you.

What does it mean to “create space” that makes us feel brave to be our true selves? Can we create safe, guilt-free spaces for ourselves where the time is ours and no one else’s? Is it possible to create spaces where you feel supported and rewarded for the gifts you have to give to the world? What if you could live from a space where your energy is protected and you give yourself permission to create and innovate?

Be In Yours: A Brave Space is an 8-week group journey where we depart from the typical spaces we occupy on a day-to-day basis and begin to create a space that is all ours. You will learn practical tools and wisdom to experience personal power and practice creating a space within yourself where you can meet other people with boundaries and be clear in what you stand for. This is a safe and brave space for women to share in their triumphs and challenges, and receive accountability and support from peers for any goals they are taking on in life.

Inspired by the building blocks of Program Leader Vicki Shumulinsky’s own self-transformation process, the topics we will explore are mindfulness, self-care, intuition, limiting beliefs, and how to cultivate inner power. Ultimately, we will be able to break through the status quo of our lives and explore all that we are capable of as BRAVE women.

Cost: $50 for 8 weeks

Program Elements: All participant calls bi-weekly, smaller accountability group calls bi-weekly (alternating weeks), and home-based practices. There will be leadership opportunities for those that volunteer to lead smaller accountability groups.

Time Commitment: 2-4 hours per week including 5 Group Sessions and 5 accountability group calls, and home-based practices. Accountability group leaders may have an additional 1-2 hours per week.

Dates: March 24 - May 19, 2021, Group Calls every other Wednesday 5pm PST

Due to the intimate format of this program, space is limited so please register today!
After you register, please email the program leader, Vicki Shumulinsky at to obtain your preparatory materials for the course.

Week 1-2 Brave Spaces, Mindfulness, & Intention Setting
Week 3-4 Desires & Intuition
Week 5-6 Discovering Your Blocks
Week 7-8 Inner Power & How to Cultivate It

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Victoria Shumulinsky
Associate Director, Strategy
West Health

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