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Career Conversations 31 - Activate Your Voice

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Thursday, 24 June
12:00PM - 01:15PM EST
Virtual - GoToWebinar Platform

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Emily Basca
10. Facilitates change

Please note that these webinars are 75 minutes in length and will be recorded.

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You have a vision of where you want to be and how you want your career to progress. We’ll focus on how you can activate your authentic voice to propel yourself and your career. We’ll hear from Sepideh Varon, vice president, Health Economics & Outcomes Research at AbbVie, she says, “Communication is the heart and soul of how we get our work done. As a researcher, many times our research is very complicated, but part of leadership and strong research is to be able to communicate the information simply to non-researchers.” She’ll discuss how understanding others preferences & perspective will enhance the work companies and the output they deliver. As she says, “Everyone has difference preferences in terms of “ways of working” or “communication” – therefore seek to inquire rather than assume.”

Bridgette Arthur-Mensah, vice president Engineering Operations at Medidata Solutions, has learned and continues to practice how to communicate effectively as a leader, she says, “As one assumes more responsibilities, the ability to influence, rally the troops and manage difficult conversations often depend on the delivery of a message. The delivery of the why, the what and the how. I have learned to practice slowing my speech; pacing my thoughts with my speech.”

Primal Kaur, Md. MBA is currently vice president, Global Development, Amgen and Therapeutic Area head of Inflammation portfolio. She will focus on how to create your executive presence and use your voice to be your own champion.

We’ll talk about using your voice to tell your own story, otherwise someone else will and you might not like how it is told. Your story is your brand. You’ll be encouraged to speak about what you do day to day, quarterly and annually to impact the business and be ready to show how your brand adds value.

As business has become significantly globalized, it is important to understand cultural differences and how actions may or may not be perceived as intended as you create and expand your network. You’ll walk away from the call with tools, frameworks that will allow you to better adapt & enhance your way of working for the benefit of your team, your colleagues and the company for which you work.

Panelists: Bridgette Arthur-Mensah, vice president Engineering Operations at Medidata Solutions New York City Metropolitan Area
Primal Kaur, Md. MBA is currently vice president, Global Development, Amgen and Therapeutic Area head of Inflammation portfolio
Sepideh Varon, vice president, Health Economics & Outcomes Research at AbbVie,
Moderator: Emily Basca, president, PEMC INC, HBA webinar consultant

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Featured Speakers

Bridgette  Arthur-Mensah
Vice President, Engineering Operations
Medidata, a Dassault Systèmes Company
Emily  Basca
Primal  Kaur
Vice President Global Development
Amgen Inc.
Sepideh  Varon
Vice President, Global Health Economics & Outcomes Research
AbbVie Inc.

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